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5 Key Pursuits

1. Excellence; 2. Sustainable Growth; 3. Mainstreaming Grassroots, Elite & Amateur Levels; 4. Digital Technology; 5. Cognitively Intelligent

Giggr Technologies is born from a fundamental need to disrupt how we think and motivate ourselves about Work. "Unleashing Human Potential" must be moved from a mere Token to a Symbol of our Societies. Impact a Transformation in Workforce and Workplace, Orchestrating Work Operations and Innovation digitally in a global ecosystem.


This is necessary as the Planet faces severe challenges in every station of Life including Environment, Governance, Health, Wealth, Mobility, Technology and Environment.


Individuals and Enterprises have to Transform to acquire Capabilities and respond to not only the challenges we face but also to grow in the process of preventing similar limitations to inhibit the Aspirations and Quality of Living.


The greatest challenge is the motivation of humans and The Giggr Platform addresses this through the process of Education, Ownership and Commitment.

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We are born out of the need to unleash Human Potential for Performance in a Meta Verse. This disruption of lives through technology cannot be just another version of the previous life. It demands a new approach to Systems, Synergy and Structures that will define how we live a Higher Quality of Sustainable Life in the Future.

Social Justice

Every human born on the planet has the right to work. That work should produce equitable returns. And the people should identify their aspirations, realize their potential and find the discipline to accomplish goals continuously across their lifecycle.

Increased Rate of Innovation

People's Aspiration for Personal Growth will automatically impact Enterprise and Societal Growth. The key is to find successful points of origin in our societies. Giggr Technologies has identified Sports as that starting point to prove a concept that has hitherto not been attempted. But now digital technologies make it possible.


As a consequence of Social Justice and Increased Rate of Innovation in our Societies, Sustainability will automatically be an outcome. Where the outcomes are arrived at not by accident but rather by design. The emphasis on global ecosystems will naturally impact all the 17 Goals of UN Sustainability Development. Giggr Technologies is committed to directly reporting on 6 goals.

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Changing the Game: A 2026 Vision delivering $459M in Revenue.

Leading Web 3.0 Digital Platform

Being a digital leader with a demonstrable Human Ecosystem operating in the five sports of Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football and Tennis by 2023.

Technology Leadership

Demonstrating Technology Leadership by 2024 with Cognitive Intelligence, Role Driven Digital Identity Management, Device, Channel & Medium Independence, Ecosystem Engagement including Communities of Interest (COI) and Communities of Practice (COP) and Converging Content, Computing & Communications.

Life Impact in Chosen Spheres

Making a significant and measurable impact in the lives of people in the chosen geographies by 2026. Making headway into the Life Ecosystem through the stations of Technology, Health, Wealth and Education.

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Five Values that identify us to create a Sustainable distinction on our planet

1. Data Autonomy

Individuals and Enterprises (Customers) own their data and have the liberty to Choose whom they share and collaborate with.

2. No Selling

Never selling or advertising on the platform. Only using Engagement & Experience as a means of monetization.

3. Valuation Based Blockchain

The Blockchain will actively use algorithms to Value the assets created including IP. All contracts will be managed through Blockchain.

4. Cognitive Intelligence

Moving the needle from Automation to Orchestration; Creating & Sustaining new Patterns  making every transaction unique.

5. Socially & Digitally Inclusive

Device, Channel & Medium Independent Technology that eliminates Socio-Economic & Cultural Barriers.

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A blend of Youth & Experience with a successful track record

The Founding Team brings an enviable track record of having started up and raised VC Funding, Engineering Platform & Products, involved with Multinationals and Startups building Teams and Businesses with Passion and Precision.

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Founder & CEO

  • Authored Digital Maturity Compass that is used in over 10 S&P 100 Companies.

  • Founded Nandaki Systems, Co-Founded Nihilent Technologies.

  • Designed, Architected and Built AIIMS based on MRP 11 principles.

  • Designed, Architected & Built the first successful B2C Platform for American Express.

  • Designed, Architected and Built a Speciality Medicine Platform for Pharmacare, a division of CVS.

  • Designed, Architected & Built the SARS Revenue Administration in South Africa.

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Co-Founder & COO

  • Built an AI Platform for UN SDGs Program Management.

  • Worked on Developing Various ML / AI Models for startups right from College.

  • Developed a lightweight CV model during COVID-19 that tracks whether a person is wearing mask or not that's deployable in public places in CCTVs and IoTs.

  • Designed an ML model that uses stylometric analysis which shows users content based on their preferences of reading linguistic style.

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