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Every Individual whether they are playing the sport or serving it in different roles require an ecosystem to thrive. The Giggr Platform is designed to operate an ecosystem where connections are intelligently established for trustful sharing and collaboration based on each role's Personal Preferences.


The Ecosystem that operates at an individual level is a Customer Universe. At an enterprise level the ecosystem operates at Industry and Life. Graduating Roles from Communities of Interest (COI) to Communities of Practice (COP).

Ecosystem: Projects
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The Individual Ecosystem comprises Service Provisioning for Individual to Individuals and Individuals to Enterprises. Connecting Intelligently based on the Value Proposition. Each Individual will get to Own Personal Showcase Page through which the Individual can Collaborate with the Ecosystem; directly and through Communities of Interest (COI) and Communities of Practice (COP). We are currently inviting Customers to Register and Qualify for the Customer Alpha Program where you get to Engage and Experience the Platform free for the next 9 months.


The Enterprise Ecosystem is no different from the Individual Ecosystem. It is just an extension from a Role Driven Individual to Customer Universe to Industry and Life Ecosystems. For the first time anywhere in the world such a  organized method of ecosystem is being orchestrated intelligently. We are also inviting Enterprises to join our Customer Alpha Program and benefiting for free in maturing this ecosystem for collaboration for each based on the Value Proposition.

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Our Planet is on the precipice of disaster on all the seven stations of life; including Environment, Governance, Education, Health, Wealth, Mobility and Technology. Partnering in a shared ecosystem is a key means of accomplishing the 2030 Goals to which most of the nations globally are committed. This platform brings that opportunity for both Individuals and Enterprises.

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