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What You Need to Know

What is Pursuit of Excellence?

Pursuit of Excellence is the Maturity of moving up the scale on subject matters that are important to you as an Individual or an Enterprise. The Scale of Maturity is a 0 - 5 Scale for a given subject matter; where Innocence = 0; Awareness = 1; Understanding = 2; Definition = 3; Competence - 4 and Excellence = 5. It is ideal that on subject matter that is important to you as an Enterprise or Individual you are at least on Definition = 3. Because this allows you to progress to Excellence = 5 faster and dynamically keep up with the changing landscape. The Journey in Excellence is nothing but the journey of innovation that allows one to see beyond the obvious (Competence = 4) and deliver Excellence (Mind to Market that delivers a Unique Solution for a Market Opportunity and / or Time to Market that delivers an application that improves the Quality of Life of Customers).

What is a Platform?

A Platform is one on which an ecosystem can thrive. Each one that comes on the platform has a Unique Value Proposition (UVP). A platform normally operates when the Value Sought and the Value Offered are seamlessly matched to the Personal Preferences of the seeker. A Platform is therefore not a marketplace. Transactions do take place but they are not on the basis of selling to the weaknesses but rather to the strengths of the buyers. Which means it is relevant to the lives of the Customers.

What is Digital?

Digital is not IT. Because digital computes data in real time whereas IT processes data. Compute drives through dynamic algorithms addressing the context. Processing on the other hand works with static business rules on both transaction and analytical data. Digital responds to the three S’: Smart (Delivering Dynamic Customer Experience); Sensitive (Delivering Dynamic User Experience) and Serendipitous (Delivering a Unique Engagement). A digital engagement is concurrently executed process in real time whereas an IT engagement is sequentially deliver process mostly in Pseudo Realtime. The sources of data for IT are Manual and form based whereas Digital Includes Devices, IOT, Sensors, Scanners and Wearables.

How can Value be Visualized?

Value can be Visualized as Beginner, Intermediate or Expert. Anyone who is on a range of 0 - 3 on the above maturity scale is a beginner, 3 - 4 is an Intermediate and on 5 is an expert. Their Income can become equitable to the rate of their Value that is Visualized as the progress they make in terms of their capabilities to deliver. Beginners in this context deliver to a Commoditized Context while Intermediates deliver Differentiated Context and Experts deliver to an Innovative Context. 

What is Aspiration?

Aspiration is the Visualization of an Individual or an Enterprise’s Potential. To accomplish such Potential, there needs to be a series of Expectations fulfilled built on the threshold of continually evolving Capabilities. Where Capability = Capacity (Mindset) to Transform + Ability (Skills) to Perform. Which means the Needs and Wants have to be satisfied for an individual or enterprise to fulfill expectations. Needs are stated requirements whereas Wants are unfulfilled and become more urgent over a period of time.

What is the Future of Work?

Meaningful Work for every individual with an Equitable Income, allowing them immersive participation in increasing the Rate of Innovation impacting life; renewing for a Sustainable Planet. 


The Digital Economy demands the workforce to find new ways of working that are nothing like they have known before. This is a new work that Shares and Collaborates to Create and Sustain Value. Individuals and Enterprises who adapt to this new paradigm will find themselves ahead of the curve. Most importantly, they need to find themselves in a Journey of Excellence that is not a discrete event but a continuum.

Where will the impact of the Future of Work be felt?

It is inevitable that the Flow of Work sooner than later will start Fusing new Data, Roles, Materials, Capital and Infrastructure with Cognitive Intelligence; across Workforce, Workplace cascading on to Operations & Innovation.

What is new about the Flow of Work?

Post the Covid, work is no longer confined to the limited space of what was earlier called office. It is performed on the cloud, from anywhere on the planet and is connected through Audio, Video, Graphics and Text. It is Shared and Collaborative across an ecosystem process.

What are new Roles?

Every Individual plays multiple roles in their life. Each of these roles is involved in working that produces outcomes for self as well as enterprise and society. In an ecosystem, there are 8 broad roles including Client, Team Member, Stakeholder, Shareholder, Business Partner, Vendor, Society and Technology. It is the roles when engaged in a process to produce data. It is quite obvious that with transforming processes from an enterprise to an ecosystem level, the roles change and their accountabilities change and so does the data.

What is new Data?

The new Master and Meta Data that is relevant to the emerging challenges of every sphere of life. For example, in the modern age, a data driven sports person will be gauged for Physical, Emotional, Psychological Fitness, Diet & Nutrition,  and Capabilities (Capacity to Transform + Ability to Perform). All this is continuously emerging new data from the the body of the individual that can be captured digitally by devices, IOT, Scanners, Sensors and Wearables and computed in realtime to understand the way in which Education, Training and Practice needs to be shaped in order to derive the desired performance. 

What is Talent?

Talent is the expression of the Latent. Where Latent is the deep desire or Passion for a particular subject matter. Like someone is passionate about Cricket and someone about Crochet. The critical aspect of developing talent is how the same Cricket or Crochet can be learnt employing digital technology in the modern context for Risk Assured outcomes

What is Material?

Materials are the physical matter we use in developing products and their applications in life. For example, astroturf uses synthetic materials that are not sustainable. When we build new stadiums or transform the current ones, we might consider using more sustainable nano materials. The same applies for bio materials replacing some of the current unsustainable fabrics we might use in fashion. New Materials can only be used when they are experimented upon and found Valuable in their ability to improve the Quality of any Product / Applications that impacts life positively. 

What is Capital?

Capital is the SUM that is applied in growth. For example, money is usually employed for financial growth. However for this financial growth to be sustainable, three other forms of Capital are necessary; Value Capital that produces Intellectual Property (IP); Intellectual Capital that provides the Intelligence or Context for Growth and Human Capital that provides the Capabilities - The Capacity to transform to a context and the abilities to thereby execute. Unless these three are mature, it is difficult to imagine Transformation and consequently Innovation.

What is Infrastructure?

In the modern context, Infrastructure is both Physical and Virtual. The Physical relates to Real Estate, Machines, Tools & Technologies on Land or Premise where as the Virtual relates to Cloud and Internet. Both these are converged through digital technologies that include ML/AI/CI, Robotics, 3D/4D Printing, Biotech, Nanotech, Enmeshed Networks and Pervasive Computing. In essence, data is what drives and converges the Virtual and Physical that we now identify as Infrastructure.

What is the difference between Fusion and Integration?

Fusion brings in new inputs whereas Integration brings in the same inputs. For Fusion to work in a process, the process needs to be orchestrated, understanding and changing the course of the process based on the data received. Integration on the other hand demands the data be the same for the purposes of running the automation that is hardcoded. While Orchestration can change a process in flight, automation does not permit the same. The promise of digital is to use dynamic data to produce better process outcomes that are both transformative with respect to growth and sustainable with respect to progress.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions that Create New Opportunities for Life Applications; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in life. These when taken to market in the form of Applications yield New Commerce (New  Value, New Markets, New Customers and New Revenue). 

What is Conceptualization?

Conceptualization is the process of expounding a Hypothesis and proving it as a Thesis. The former uses Modeling to drive a Solution while the latter uses Algorithms to derive an application. Both work on the five critical inputs of Data, Talent, Materials, Capital and Infrastructure to define the transformation for Creation and Scalability of New Platforms, Products, Processes and Projects (Services).

What is Engineering?

Engineering is the process of creating / building Solutions in the form of Engines, Components and Connectors. It is usually applied in the context of transforming applications. For example, if urban cities were to use capsules to transport on cables, Engineering is the way to find the best Engines (Technology) along with the Components (Capsules) and Connectors (Cables) to operate in real life as an application.

What is Industrialization?

Knowing accurately the segments and cohorts of customers / consumers who will derive Value from using a New Product or Service. It is also the fine process of assuring that Customers who will use New Products / Services are Mature and Ready for the New.

What is Commercialization?

It is the process of understanding the patterns of Platform / Product / Process / Project (Service) consumption that can be improved for enhancing the Engagement and Experience; that is Valuable in the context of the Customer Life Cycle.

What is Digital Identity?

It is a unique identity tied to the many roles that are played out by an individual in Public and Private. In effect, iot also tags the identity issued to identify that role. For example, when a child is born, a birth certificate identifies the child and similarly an Aadhar Number / Social Security Number for the role of a Citizen and a PAN Number or a Tax Identification Number for that of an adult earning Income. When an Individual becomes a member of an enterprise, the Individual’s Digital ID is tied to the employer’s ID and this provides the authentication, access, authorization, permissions and privileges to the enterprise’s physical, virtual and digital assets and infrastructure.

Do you have intern positions?

Yes, we have intern positions. We look for a Learning Attitude, a desire to Contribute and an Aspiration to Innovate and grow. We pay a standard 20K Per Month for Internship in addition to the Rewards, Recognition and Celebration. We file for Patents whenever appropriate in the name of the intern and offer full time opportunities when appropriate. We would ideally like to be involved in the growth of our interns. 

How can I request a demo?

Just submit the contact form and we can organize a demo at your convenience.

Who are your Customers?

Our Customers are both Individuals and Enterprises. Please go through the Value Proposition that has been published on the website.


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