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A State Government initiative for creating a Digital Karnataka that is inspired by the Vision of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi to Create a $1 Trillion Digital Economy by 2025. Where Karnataka sees a $300 Billion opportunity for the State of Karnataka.

The Platform is expected to demonstrate how the citizens of Karnataka can bridge the Virtual and Physical in their lives with Digital. Which in turn improves the Quality of the Lives of the People.

This partnership between Giggr Technologies and the Government of Karnataka heralds the introduction of a Web 3.0 Digital Platform that is driven by 

  1. Role based Digital Identity allowing the Unifying of all government and non-government identities issued and operated across the lifecycle; across a Citizen’s Lifecyle (from birth to death) coupled to a blockchain that operates on the principle of Valuation.  

  2. An Inclusive Platform for Data driven Individual, Enterprise and Societal Growth that is incubated and accelerated through a Digital Compass catalyzing Transformation and Innovation.

  3. This platform will become a means to accomplish goals and objectives such as:

  • Achieve $150 Bn in exports. Within three to five years with a Glocal (Global + Local) connected ecosystem.
  • Generate Market Revenue by increasing the Capabilities of the People to the relevance of the Digital Economy.
  • Aim to attract INR 10,000 Cr investments in the emerging markets by transforming the Workforce and Workplaces into World Class and help compete with the best in the world.
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The unique feature of this initiative is to prepare our Gen A (08 – 18 Age Group) and Gen Z (18 – 25 Age Group) for the Future by creating an Intelligent Infrastructure that is digital in nature. Of course, not leaving behind the Gen Y (25 – 40), Gen X (40 – 60) and the Baby Boomers 60+. Equipping each one with relevant Capabilities (The Capability to Transform + The ability to Perform – Skills) to the relevance of the demand of a digital society that will soon see Data operated through IOT, Wearables, Sensors, Scanners and Devices such as Kiosks, Mobiles, Notepads and Tablets.

This partnership is to demonstrate that digital will serve not only the Urban and Privileged but also the Rural and Underprivileged with the employment of Cognitive Computing, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks among others. The UN Strategic Development Goals will serve as the context for the initiatives across the seven stations of life including Environment, Education, Health, Wealth, Technology, Mobility and Governance for Growth Oriented Skills, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood development in the state.

The Platform is a Digital Platform which is quite different from IT and will be available to provide Citizen Services through all government agencies 24*7*365 when completed to operate in 9 moths from this day.

Jobs will be created because
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1.New Capabilities relevant to the Digital Economy will be developed in the society because of the personal Digital Compass guiding individuals who are subscribed to the platform.

2. The Operation and Innovation Engine that the platform provides to startups and MSME’s as well as to incumbent industry will allow the increased rate of innovation; transforming workforce and workplaces to Automate Operations and Orchestrate Innovation to produce World Class Goods & Services with a Digital Distribution and Reach.

3. The Platform will be served by a Valuation Based Blockchain where Individuals and Enterprises can operate on Blockchain (Digital Contracts) Glocally (Globally + Locally); Tracking and Tracing Quality (Lifetime Value), Cost (Economic Value), Delivery (Functional Value), Service (Emotional Value) and Flexibility (Digital Ecosystem / Brand Value).

How will Jobs be Created?

Please see the above picture. The 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals are being taken as he Context for developing Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Solopreneurship. The Platform will fuse Data, Talent, Materials, Capital, and Infrastructure with Cognitive Intelligence along the Flow of Work for Transformational & Sustainable Outcomes in every sphere of Life.

For Example – The priority is Education which is Goal No. 4. Here we are addressing Informal and Formal as well as Non-Formal Education with Content. To prepare the on-boarded users on the platform for a future with greater Capability. Where Cap+Ability (Capability) is addressed as the Capacity (Mindset) to Transform + The Ability (Skills) to Perform is addressed with the Content delivered to Personal Preferences; connecting the users to Communities of Interest (COI) to Share & Collaborate Ideas / Concepts and graduate them to Communities of Practice (COP); connecting them to an ecosystem that can help them grow fusing Data, Talent, Materials, Capital and Infrastructure on which they can Operate and Innovate.

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  • Gen A (08 – 18): Based on the personal aspiration that the platform surfaces such as a student wanting to become a doctor, the personal digital compass creates a path for the individual to pursue a path of excellence; Learning about Ambulatory Services, Nursing, Emergency Operations, Hospital Administration, Clinical Life Cycle, Patient Lifecycle, Well Being Lifecycle, Physician Life Cycle, Molecular Biology, Drug Discovery, and Clinical Trials Management even as they qualify with a Medical Degree to Practice. Providing Internship along the way and recording how the Individual responds to Education, Training, Practice and Performance with Learning; metrics that are tracked on a scale of Innocence (0), Awareness (1), Understanding (2), Definition (3), Competence (4) and Excellence (5).

  • Gen Z (18 – 25): Based on the personal aspiration that the platform surfaces such as contribute to a particular sport like football, the personal digital compass created a path for pursuing excellence in suitable roles that the individual can play in the sports areas and similarly takes the individual through the process of Education, Training, Practice and Performance with Learning; connecting to an ecosystem of Coaches, Trainers, Associations, Certification Agencies, to understand the Science and Arts of Sports Management and become effective in their choice roles that could include a Technologist, Sportscaster, Administrator, Physiotherapist and so on.

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  • Gen Y (25 -40): Based on the personal aspiration that the platform surfaces such as Carpentry, an individual will be guided by a Personal Digital Compass along their Transformation Journey; from Education on different levels of Carpentry, the new tools and techniques as well as the materials used to equipping the individual with Methods, Training, Practice (A sandpit to perform and record their skill levels as well as experiment and Innovate) and record performance along the five dimensions of Quality (Lifetime Value), Cost (Economic Value), Delivery (Functional Value), Service (Emotional Value) and Flexibility (Digital Ecosystem / Brand Value).

  • Gen X & Baby Boomers: The Approach is the same as Gen Y with no restriction of the field of their activity. Content, Computing and Communications are Converged with their Personal Digital Compass guiding them to Create and Deliver Value in their respective fields; contextualized by the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.

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