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Historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the University of Mysore and Giggr Technologies Private Limited

In what could be considered a historic move for athletes in India, University of Mysore has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to initiate a unique experiment with Giggr Technologies Private Limited to promote 29 Sports Disciplines digitizing: 

  1. Athletic Development

  2. Sports Science Management 

  3. Sports Development 

  4. Sports Operations & Innovation Management

In a simple ceremony graced by the presence of  the Vice Chancellor Shri. G Hematha Kumar, the MOU was signed by Prof. R Shivappa, Registrar, University of Mysore and Subbu Iyer, CEO, Giggr Technologies Private Limited. Dr. P Krishnaiah, Director of Physical Education, University of Mysore who initiated this at the University was also present along with Siddharth Patel, Co-Founder & COO, Giggr Technologies and C Krishnan Coimbatore, the ecosystem developer for Giggr Technologies in Mysore.

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Giggr’s Technology Platform will facilitate the Pursuit of Excellence across 29 Sports Disciplines for both the athletes and the University; digitizing all the processes from Creation of Data to Connection with a global ecosystem, Curating & Contextualizing the Connections to Personalized and Preferentiated Needs and Wants, setting the participants to collaborate. The Aspirations of Athletes and the University Physical Education department will be recorded to create a set of Measurable Expectations & Milestones leading to their fulfillment. Investments into Devices, IOT, Wearables, Sensors and Scanners will be made to enable seamless recording of data and realtime event management with a dedicated Unified Messaging that is encrypted end to end. The platform will be orchestrated by a unique algorithm developed by Giggr Technologies that continuously guides  both athletes and the University in their journey with On Demand Content / Education, Training, Practice and Performance with Real Time Learning. The unique feature of this platform is its ability to not limit the scope to just playing sports but rather developing an entire ecosystem for each sport including Sports Events and Fan Management. It allows those who succeed and in playing sports across Grassroots, Professional / Elite and Amateur Levels as well as  those who don’t succeed in competing in sports to pursue alternate careers in the area their passions lie with a built in Valuation based Blockchain that enables their Endorsements, Promotions, Branding and Earnings. 


This will be the first such experiment and will showcase to the world the future of possibilities that sports brings emerging from the periphery to mainstream. This will also mark a significant step in the growth of sports at grassroots level. Not just popular sports such as Cricket, Football, Badminton, Diving & Swimming and Tennis but also lesser known sports such as Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and Ball Badminton among others.

How will Jobs be Created?

Please see the above picture. The 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals are being taken as he Context for developing Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Solopreneurship. The Platform will fuse Data, Talent, Materials, Capital, and Infrastructure with Cognitive Intelligence along the Flow of Work for Transformational & Sustainable Outcomes in every sphere of Life.

For Example – The priority is Education which is Goal No. 4. Here we are addressing Informal and Formal as well as Non-Formal Education with Content. To prepare the on-boarded users on the platform for a future with greater Capability. Where Cap+Ability (Capability) is addressed as the Capacity (Mindset) to Transform + The Ability (Skills) to Perform is addressed with the Content delivered to Personal Preferences; connecting the users to Communities of Interest (COI) to Share & Collaborate Ideas / Concepts and graduate them to Communities of Practice (COP); connecting them to an ecosystem that can help them grow fusing Data, Talent, Materials, Capital and Infrastructure on which they can Operate and Innovate.

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  • Gen A (08 – 18): Based on the personal aspiration that the platform surfaces such as a student wanting to become a doctor, the personal digital compass creates a path for the individual to pursue a path of excellence; Learning about Ambulatory Services, Nursing, Emergency Operations, Hospital Administration, Clinical Life Cycle, Patient Lifecycle, Well Being Lifecycle, Physician Life Cycle, Molecular Biology, Drug Discovery, and Clinical Trials Management even as they qualify with a Medical Degree to Practice. Providing Internship along the way and recording how the Individual responds to Education, Training, Practice and Performance with Learning; metrics that are tracked on a scale of Innocence (0), Awareness (1), Understanding (2), Definition (3), Competence (4) and Excellence (5).

  • Gen Z (18 – 25): Based on the personal aspiration that the platform surfaces such as contribute to a particular sport like football, the personal digital compass created a path for pursuing excellence in suitable roles that the individual can play in the sports areas and similarly takes the individual through the process of Education, Training, Practice and Performance with Learning; connecting to an ecosystem of Coaches, Trainers, Associations, Certification Agencies, to understand the Science and Arts of Sports Management and become effective in their choice roles that could include a Technologist, Sportscaster, Administrator, Physiotherapist and so on.

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  • Gen Y (25 -40): Based on the personal aspiration that the platform surfaces such as Carpentry, an individual will be guided by a Personal Digital Compass along their Transformation Journey; from Education on different levels of Carpentry, the new tools and techniques as well as the materials used to equipping the individual with Methods, Training, Practice (A sandpit to perform and record their skill levels as well as experiment and Innovate) and record performance along the five dimensions of Quality (Lifetime Value), Cost (Economic Value), Delivery (Functional Value), Service (Emotional Value) and Flexibility (Digital Ecosystem / Brand Value).

  • Gen X & Baby Boomers: The Approach is the same as Gen Y with no restriction of the field of their activity. Content, Computing and Communications are Converged with their Personal Digital Compass guiding them to Create and Deliver Value in their respective fields; contextualized by the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.

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Only by Invitation

At this time, we are only accepting Customers by Invitation. We have a unique method of advancing our Customers through the following stages



Who embrace Innovation without any conditions



Involve & Immerse themselves with our Platform Engineering



Customers who are influenced by the Engagement and Experience of our Beta Customers

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