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The Transformation from Commercial to Life Systems

Inverting the Pyramid to a Segment of One from the conventional Segment and Cohorts of Many

Personalization is Critical in Data's Journey from Creation to Consumption

This is the third stage of the C4 Platform. Where Solutions are rendered to Application, taking Personalization to a new dimensions of Value that has previously not been served by Commercial Systems.

This is the stage where the Conceptualized Values are Actualized as Quality (Functional Value), Cost (Economic Value), Delivery (Lifetime Value), Service (Brand Value) and Flexibility (Emotional Value).

In essence reversing the trend of Product Life Cycle intersecting the Human Life Cycle. Thereby emphasizing on the importance of a Person rather than a Customer.

Data Driven Individuals

The Journey of Data


The C4 Platform provides a powerful intersection of Profile (Demography), Personal (Biography) and Preferences (Psychography) to drive Intelligent Decisions for Individuals in every sphere of life. Relevant to the context of the Role they play and the path they seek to traverse. Advancing data from Master to Meta, Empirical, Analytical, Contextual and Intelligence that brings Deep Learning, Artificial and Cognitive Intelligence into play across all the four data forms of Text, Video, Audio and Graphics. 

The Learning Cycle

Learning, Training, Practicing, Performing & Measuring


The Platform is designed for Data Autonomy where the Users choose to share data with trust that is guaranteed by the Platform Security and Governance. The ecosystem on the Platform is Curated with Experts to operate in Communities of Interest (COI) graduating to Communities of Practice (COP). Effectively working on increasing the threshold of Capability in Pursuing the Path of Excellence in their chosen spheres of life.

The Uniqueness of the Giggr Technologies Method

Three Modes of Learning

The cornerstone of Giggr Technologies' offerings is the capability to visualize the bigger picture and translate it into a virtual, agile vision. Giggr Technologies brings Micro (Experiential), Macro (Project) and Universal (Certification) based Learning in flight.

The emerging generation is not willing to be manipulated and misled. They want to lead their life on their own terms and they have strong views about their Data and the use of it. Almost every living system that operates has to transform to this new paradigm without fail. 

Assuring Data Autonomy

Privacy and Security have to be modeled in along with Data Autonomy that completes the triad of Personalization. The most significant shift in managing Data not from the Industrialization perspective but rather from the Personalization perspective. Addressing the context of the Customer's Life.

Privacy & Data Security

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