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A Digital Web 3.0 Platform fusing Data, Talent, Materials, Funds and Infrastructure along the Flow of Work in the Sphere for Sports for Transformational and Sustainable Outcomes.

The Technology on the Giggr Platform is built on the premise of

  1. Device Independence: For Digital Inclusivity without compromising on Security, Privacy and Communications.

  2. Channel Independence: Each Sport will be a Channel and access to channels can be seamless through the role based Authentication, Access, Authorization, Permissions and Privileges that the platform operates on. 

  3. Medium Independence: A first Platform that will address all the four forms of data including Text, Video, Audio and Graphics; mutually inclusively for Cognitive Computing.

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Bridging the Physical and Virtual with Digital

A 100% Cloud Native with Role driven Digital Identity Managed Platform that serves Customer / User Engagement / Experience through Intelligence Driven Microservices sustaining Education (Formal & Informal Content) through Training, Practice and Performance with Real Time Monitoring, Management and Learning. Moving the needle from Process Automation to Orchestration advancing the Customer Universe to Industry and Life Ecosystems.

Technology: About Us
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