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Engineering a Solution that can be Life Changing

Engineering by Experimenting and Proving 

Distilling the Learning to Action

This is the second stage of the C4 Platform facilitating the construction of Engines, Components and Connectors that allow a Platform / Product Versioning.


The Engineering of a Solution is distinct from that of an Application. A Solution is one that feeds Applications and not Vice-Versa. 

In a world of technology centricity, this second stage of engineering is critical to keep up with the pace of technological advancements including New Resources, Materials and Energy.


At any given point in time, a composite application model can be versioned from the Engineered Solutions. This stage is also gated for Quality. 

Graphic illustration of a digital solution's core engine, integrating hardware, software, firmware, and embedded ware, essential for data management from creation to consumption across devices, IoT, scanners, sensors, and wearables, emphasizing collaboration in platform and product development, with a focus on precision and accuracy using advanced materials and technologies like nanotech, biotech, robotics, and alternative energy sources.

Engines & Components

The Core that Powers a Solution


Engine is the core that powers a solution. Bringing together Hardware, Software, Firmware and Embedded Ware. With the Proliferation of Digital Technologies, it has become critical to consider the entire continuum of Creation to Consumption of Data through Devices, IOT, Scanners, Sensors and Wearables. Demanding an ecosystem to Share, Collaborate and Co-Create Platforms and Products. 

The building of components for the engine is a very significant aspect demanding Precision and Accuracy using New Age Materials such as Nanotech and Biotech, Resources such as Robotics and Alternate Energies to the conventional Fossil Fuels such as Hydrogen, Nuclear and others. 

graphic depicting UXL connectors as the essential link in digital technology, facilitating the seamless flow of data from creation to consumption. Highlights include cross-industry and life station integration, composite application deployment, and multi-format data recognition capabilities covering text, video, audio, and graphics within engineering digital solutions


The Power of UXL


In a digital technology world, everything needs to be connected. From Creation to Consumption of Data. This function is enabled by UXL that builds the libraries to connect not only within the industry but across the life stations. Making the deployment of an application a composite one. The most significant part of this is the ability to recognize data in all its four forms including Text, Video, Audio and Graphics.

The Uniqueness of the Giggr Technologies Method

Three Modes of Learning

The cornerstone of Giggr Technologies' offerings is the capability to visualize the bigger picture and translate it into a virtual, agile vision. Giggr Technologies brings Micro (Experiential), Macro (Project) and Universal (Certification) based Learning in flight.

The emerging generation is not willing to be manipulated and misled. They want to lead their life on their own terms and they have strong views about their Data and the use of it. Almost every living system that operates has to transform to this new paradigm without fail. 

Assuring Data Autonomy

Privacy and Security have to be modeled in along with Data Autonomy that completes the triad of Personalization. The most significant shift in managing Data not from the Industrialization perspective but rather from the Personalization perspective. Addressing the context of the Customer's Life.

Privacy & Data Security

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