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Graphic showcasing Giggr Technologies' vision for the Future of Work, featuring Digitally Cloud Native solutions and a focus on a Data Driven Life. Highlights the role of advanced digital identity management in creating value, transforming workplaces, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring secure, streamlined operations

Digitally Cloud Native


Transforming Value




Data Driven Individuals & Life

Image illustrating Giggr Technologies' mission centered around enhancing the quality of life on Earth, focusing on human and intellectual capital for the greater good. Highlights access for every individual and the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion into daily life, aiming for a sustainable, harmonious future and leading into a digital era

Our Mission is born from the Aspiration for a Higher Quality of Life on our Planet. 

The need for Human Capital to flourish and work in tandem with Value and Intellectual Capital for the greater good. 

Bringing Access to Every Individual and making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a way of life.

For a Sustainable and Harmonious Future for the generations to follow.

Leading the way into a Digital Life. 

Powered by Values

  1. Data Autonomy for the entire Customer Universe.

  2. No Selling. All Commerce / Business is based on a Value Proposition.

  3. Valuation Based Blockchain

  4. Cognitive Intelligence led Solutions.

  5. Socially & Digitally Inclusive in everything we promote and do.

Image depicting Giggr Technologies' core values, showcasing the commitment to Data Autonomy across the customer universe. Highlights the unique approach to commerce, centered on value proposition rather than direct selling. Features the integration of Valuation Based Blockchain and Cognitive Intelligence-led solutions, emphasizing the company's dedication to social and digital inclusivity in all its endeavors


Meet the Founders

Subbu hired Siddharth when developing a Portal for reporting UN SDG by the Government of India. This experience has blossomed into a Partnership to create an enterprise that can actualize Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Sustainability; two very fundamental problems that our Planet faces and needs urgent attention. 

Founder & CEO

Subbu Iyer

An Industry Transformation Leader who has left a global footprint building successful Platforms, Products, Processes and Projects across 16 Industry Verticals. 

An Intrapreneur and an Entrepreneur with a track record of building organizations from the scratch, raising Venture Capital and delivering to the Aspirations of the Customer Universe.

The Image is that of Mr. Subbu Iyer, Founder & CEO of Giggr Technologies. He is the author of Giggr's C4 Platform which is a Digitally Intelligent Platform as a Service to catalyze the pursuit of excellence in Individuals, Industries and Institutions
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Co-Founder & COO

Siddharth Patel

A Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiast and a native to the startup scene, Siddharth has been involved in developing Intelligent Solutions from his Engineering College days.


Being born into business, he is a natural with managing the operations of the technology environment and handles the  operations while also assisting in overseeing Engineering and Development.

The image is that of Mr. Sidharth patel, Co-founder and CEO of Giggr Technologies
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Best Emerging Technology Startup

The Image howcases Subbu Iyer and Sidharth Patel receiving the Economic Times Best Emerging Start-up of the Year 2022 from Miss Tapasi Pannu , renowned Indian actress at Economic Times Achievers Awards 2022

Giggr Technologies was awarded the Best Emerging Technology Startup 2022 Award by Economic Times, India's Leading Financial Newspaper. The Award emphasized the focus and commitment to Sustainability as one of the main reasons to qualify for the honor.

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