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A New Story needs New Roles

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

AON published its Talent Transformation Study across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East titled "Digitalization begins at home" Their primary finding is that more than 70% of digital transformations have failed according to their survey result because of the inability of these organizations to focus on customer centricity cross-functionally. Their research also indicates that barely one in four CEO's and one in five CHRO's are rated as fully prepared to drive transformation. Is it little wonder then that a digital mindset and culture anchored change agenda is demanded in these organizations urgently?

The three principle recommendations they make are:

  1. Shape Job architectures to enable agile career paths. We call it the opportunity for people to start seeing themselves as Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs; more than Employees and Contractors.

  2. Assess behaviors to prepare talent for a digital mindset. We would like digital to be shaped to mirror people's behaviors to facilitate their talent transformation.

  3. Guide talent for success in their current and future roles. We call it the ability of a Capability driven engagement model enabling talent to take accountability of outcomes; altering the course of how work is performed, measured and corroborated.

Digital is the new story

Digital Technologies demand New not Refurbished. Whether it is Processes, Roles, Materials and Work Packages and Work Orchestration; in that order. Therefore it is not appropriate to look at this transformation in slivers but rather as a whole. The transformation is not going to materialize overnight; as it is a Process of Simplification, Modernization and Disruption. Consequently, there needs to be an understanding of what needs transformation at an individual and collective level; be it Enterprise or Society. From the status quo to the desired state, a journey for each of these levels needs to materialize that can provide an accurate navigation of the transformation journey. Talent Transformation at an Individual, Work Packaging and Orchestration at an Enterprise and Disruptive Innovation at a Societal Level.

The term "Work" must become prevalent more than "Jobs" in the future with the nature of work dictating the talent requirement and involvement. Didn't we as a society manage to eliminate slavery?

The above mentioned AON report alludes to the same albeit calling them jobs; where future work will be seen as:

  • Retail Curation: Where every Customer / Consumer Type / Segment / Cohort is equally important and curators will need to find a way of a unique Engagement & Experience for each customer / Consumer.

  • Banking Philosophers: Who find a way for Banks to participate in the lives of their customers and create algorithms from the learning of their lifecycle to configure products and services on the fly that meet the demands of their customer/consumer lives.

  • Product Owners: Those who create assembly lines plugging and playing with the IP available as Solutions from Engineering. Managing the birth and retirement of products is not based on flogging them but rather innovating to create the NEW.

  • Full-stack designers/architects: Who not just work on the zone of Needs and Wants but rather experiment and exemplify their work playing to the zone of Aspirations. They Visualize and bring Innovation to life through the process of Education, Ownership and Commitment.

  • Chief Listening Officers: The CXO organizations will stop chattering and listening to conversations proactively. They must have the ability to create contextual conversations and listen to the responses. Thereby shaping and shifting thought that is progressive (not regressive) and transformative in its outcomes.

We keep talking about the changing of mindsets. A Positive Radicality is needed to see the above bullets as relevant to the cause of transformation. Not just for the sake of it, but rather to shape new outcomes, in a very fundamental way, scripting the new digital story for success. Therein lies the secret of making digital transformations a success. Let's remember this, there is no negotiation around the fact of digital technologies being centric to the lives of every living organism on this planet.
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