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Beyond the Chi-Ching Moment

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Personalization is the impact of decisions customers make on their lives

Every business organization on the Planet has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System in one form or another; no matter how small or big they are. Yet, PwC’s 2022 Consumer Intelligence Series Survey on Trust shows a jarring gap in trust between businesses and their customers and employees. There appears a huge Perception Gap between how businesses operate and how their outcomes impact their Customers and Consumers.

Almost nine in 10 (87%) executives think consumers have a high level of trust in their businesses. But only 30% of consumers say they do. Elsewhere, the gap between executives’ estimations of employee trust and the reality is much narrower: 84% of business leaders say employee trust is high, compared to 69% of employees. These gaps between perceptions of the level of trust are important because employees and consumers are business leaders’ two most important stakeholder groups. (PWC’s Report)

The Opportunity / Problem

It doesn’t matter how you look at this one. There is an urgent need to fix this with Data Science. The needle of Customer / Consumer Engagement & Experience demands a Creation to Consumption Connection in a Continuum. An Intent Driven Data Journey is the Prescription that serves a Role in the Process across the three levels of ecosystems.

The following illustration demonstrates how the processes scaling across Customer, Industry and Life Ecosystems need to be established for Data to respond Intelligently to stakeholders participating in a Process with Accountability and Responsibility. The opportunity is to start building an organic Data Structure with history also being connected with Customer / Consumer Data Autonomy.

Digital Transformation does not even start without the above data set up

The Accountability and Responsibility stems from how a Role is defined and executed in aggregating from Individual to an Ecosystem. Where Personalization is delivered by how Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is treated through Business Logic and Rules (Algorithms). Especially where the Generative Intelligence (GI) Create and Operate Multiple Parallel Processes to a Personalized Context as the Illustration above indicates.

Role driven Digital Identity Management is Key to the Success of Digital Transformation that spans Authentication, Access, Authorization, Permissions and Privileges across the three layers of the Ecosystem.

Industrialization to Personalization

Accenture Customer Consumer Survey 2022 reveals:
Surveys show 62% of consumers are attracted to companies that exhibit ethical values and authenticity.
Businesses have a responsibility to make decisions that benefit the Community, according to 77% of consumers.
73% of customers will even pay higher prices for products and services from companies who operate with Transparency.
Businesses who operate with a strong sense of Purpose appeal to 94% of consumers.

Enterprise and Businesses have a fundamental need to redefine their processes that extend and aggregate according to the three ecosystems. Startups have an advantage as they don’t have a historical baggage. They can Transport Intellectual Property (IP) from Conceptualization to Commercialization without the Strategic or Financial debt of the incumbent businesses.

One cannot patch the old data to this new paradigm. This must take into account the 5 major markers that signify the onset of a new era:

  1. A New World Order flipping the conventional Financial Ecosystem to a Human Ecosystem led societies.

  2. Transversal Technologies that connect the seven stations of life including Environment, Education, Health, Wealth, Mobility, Technology and Governance with People at its center.

  3. A demographic shift led by the Aspirations of the GenA and GenZ being the Future of Everything.

  4. New Materials, Resources and Energy Powering the Planet.

  5. Financial Investments at the sweet spot of Value, Intellectual and Human Capital.

Structure & Relationships

We see an increasing breakdown of relationships everywhere around us.In families, Enterprises and Businesses, Societies and Institutions. The cause for the breakdown is fairly simple. The Structure and Nature of Relationships has changed but we persist with Old Values even to this New Paradigm. This structure needs reorganization.

As the Post Pandemic Markers indicate, the reorganization of Workforces and Workplaces is inevitable. The mechanism to Share and Collaborate across the ecosystem must be Reliable and Regenerative; differentiating evey Engagement & Experience.

The Unintelligent Organization has to necessarily transform to an Intelligently Process Oriented one. This reorganization needs a Methodical Approach to:

  1. Structures: Intent & Curiosity must evolve Relationships dynamically.

  2. Synergies: Connection must associate Communities into action.

  3. Systems: Value must empower people to stay engaged in the Process which is critical to sustaining the data journey.

People will go where they feel welcomed but stay where they feel Valued.

Digital Transformation

The narrative around Digital Transformation must change dramatically. It cannot be treated as one of the Versions of the Previous Industries. There is an Emerging New Era that must find expression for a Shift from Industry 4.0 to Digital / Web 3.0. Where the Web is no longer an Asynchronous or Synchronous but rather an Enmeshed Network. The mesh is made up of Processes and not Protocols.

This Digital Transformation is one that Glocalizes & Humanizes Technology with Access for Everyone. Therefore the success does not lie in Industrialization but actually in its opposite Personalization. How we manage this Paradigm of Generative Intelligent Processes is the where the Value is.

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