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Design Learning

Learning is an Imperative NOW; no matter What you Do and Who you are

What has motivated humanity to transition from one to another era? My search for answers has led me to understand that very little preparation happened during periods of evolution or revolution. It was mostly by accident and definitely not by design; usually involving a few who led the stumbling into a new era and a majority adjusting to it over a long periods of time.

Our Planet now is mostly connected by the Internet and still has scope for further penetration and every one of those connected googles a question a few times a day to uncover a new perspective. But the perspective they find now is mostly garbage. How can we create a better narrative that informs the transition not by accident but by the way we design work?

Collective Illusion

The rhetoric around Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is deafening to say the least. This is in the background of what seems a reticence for Human Learning. A DW Documentary even asks the question whether we as a humanity are getting dumber and dumber?

Evidence suggests that Corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Meta, Amazon and Apple who want their Customers and Consumers to get dumber and lazier so that they could push and propagate their half baked experimental stage beginnings in ML & AI as a Product as a Panacea for Human Suffering and an Opportunity for Progress. What else will explain the hoopla aroud the Chat GPT discourse and monetization?

A classic case of Collective Illusion which takes away the focus of most humanity from the real value of the Digital Technologies and leads them to focus on the abridged Products and Services these companies create to generate revenue and profits for their shareholders. All with the fear psychosis of humanity losing out on the opportunities in Machine Learning (ML)/ Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtul Reality (VR).

Can the Process of Productization be regulated to prove Value in the Five Dimensions of Functional, Economic, Lifetime, Brand and Emotional before it can be Socialized?

Value Generation

Regulating Value Generation may sound drastic but how else can societies and humanity progress without Real Value being Created. The blip and bloom of economies driven by spreadsheet economics manipulating numbers must transform to tangible assetization of a pipeline of Intellectual Property (IP). This will protect and Risk Assure all Investor Categories; Retail, Wholesale, Traders, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity and Institutions.

In legal parlance, a conduit to crime is an equal criminal to the one who commits the crime. Despite the existential threat in every station of life including Environment, Health, Wealth, Education, Mobility, Technology and Governance, we continue to pretend that we are making progress. While there is no reason for striking the panic button and becoming doomsday soothsayers, there is a need to capitalize the opportunity on hand to take the direction of progress.

The Human Mind which is one of the most “Valuable Tools” on the Planet and the Human Being the most significant “Instrument of Change” are both being neglected and led to believe that Technology can replace them. There can’t be a more dangerous statement than that.

The Pursuit of Excellence is a MUST for Progress

The direction of Ignorance / Mediocrity than the Pursuit of Excellence is a dangerous trend that needs to be arrested at every level in our societies all over the planet. We must find a definitive understanding to this nebulous term call Value by asking ourselves collectively:

  1. What are the Functions of Progress we are missing in each of the Seven Stations of Life? This will determine the Quality of Life.

  2. What is the Cost of not addressing the opportunities to improve Accessibility on the Planet? This will determine the Economic Value.

  3. What are the Touchpoints of a Connected life that we are missing in our Structures, Synergies and Systems? This will determine the Lifetime Value.

  4. What are the Areas of Trust we need to renew for humans to share and collaborate in a Glocal World? This will determine the Brand Value.

  5. What are the Distribution of Opportunities we are missing to get more Immersive Participation on the Planet? This will determine the Emotional Value.

We cannot and should not transition into a new era that is already arrived without Designing Our Learning to the Promise of a Better Life on the Planet. This rewiring must start right at the age segment of GenA (08–18) and GenZ (18–25) who are the Future of Everything; simply because they are bound to be the Working Occupants of the planet in the next 50 years. The other age segments of GenY (25–40), GenX (40–60) and 60+ Baby Boomers must either fall in line and renew themselves or must stay out of the way of this new way of life.

Learning should produce the abstract as to how things must be designed and not the other way round.

Organizing to Learn and Produce Outcomes is Critical to the Future of Work Approach

Organizing for Learning & Working

There is clear evidence that the rate of Learning in our Societies has stunted. Training has been confused for Learning. The lack of the robustness of Risk Assurance has prevented Experimentation. The economic term of Capital continues to be misrepresented as only Money. In the modern world, an Intellectual Property (IP) is more Valuable than Money because it generates Capital that produces Wealth.

Refer to the above Illustration:

  1. An Idea / Concept is only Raw Material and the more you generate , the greater the chances of Creation in a Creator Economy. This demands Workforce Transformation; who can take ownership of the work outcomes they produce. Working to the demands of a Role that is moored to a Process Story.

  2. Solutions need to be developed by the Workforce sharing and collaborating across the globe fusing the best of Data, Talent, Materials, Capital & Infrastructure with Intelligence. This demands a Workplace Transformation that is wedded to Transforming and Leading Industry.

  3. Applications must then be a derivative of Solutions that connect to the Life Ecosystems extracting and delivering Value in the lives of the people who Consume.

The Learning we need to see manifest in the way we approach work is Digital being able to bridge the Physical and the Virtual without interrupting the Flow of Work, Data, Information and Intelligence that is Personal to every single participant in the process; from Creation to Consumption. Isn’t it a Human that is Creating as well as Consuming? And so, why do we find it so hard to embrace the idea of organizing ourselves better to the modern needs of life?

Giggr Technologies is working on this urgent need to Organize the Flow of Work and Accelerating the Pursuit of Excellence for Individuals, Industries and Institutions. Learning about the Status Quo, Desired State and the Process in-between and acquiring Capabilities = The Capacity to Transform + The Ability / Skills to Perform and succeed Creating a Better Planet.

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