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Replacing the B with a C in Globalization

Globalization will need to transform from Industrialization to Personalization

Recently at a farmhouse of a friend on the outskirts of Bengaluru, a Russell Viper Snake was found coiled in the garden after perhaps a meal on an cold winter morning. Immediately a snake charmer was summoned to transport it into a safe zone. He took the snake and slid it into a hole along a huge Peepal tree nearby. His explanation was that if this snake was taken away even 10 KM from its habitat, it would not even survive a few days. It would die.

Scientists have tracked Whales travel 18, 840 KM every year and return the same distance in 24 days. Wonder why we see migrations by animals and birds from their origins to thousands of miles and yet return back to their original habitats every year?

In the past Indian traders traveled to the west and Western Traders to the East. Their travels were for trade were undertaken with great dangers of the unknown and over long periods. They just didn’t exports materials. They seeded the societies they visited with Intellectual Property (IP), Culture and Learning. This was a period of great Learning.

The Modernization of Communications, Transportation and even Military Equipment changed the nature of trade and commerce.There has been a lot of questioning on whether Globalization is reversing and retreating in recent times. Far from it, the future will see more of it. However in a shape and form that is very different from how it has been Visualized and Ventured into for the last 100 years.

We are at a Strategic Inflection Point (SIP) on our planet when one more pivot is about to take shape. The morphing of the Information Technology to Digital will give rise to a greater People to People Connect that must now be leveraged by the Powers that Control the Exchange. This is the Way to Global Peace & Sustainability. Anything less, is just lip service.

There has been a lot of questioning recently on whether Globalization is reversing and retreating in recent times. Far from it, the future will see more of it. However in a shape and form that is very different from how it has been Visualized and Ventured into for the last 100 years. And this needs the active participation of People from all walks of Society to carve a role in the process of an Open Sharing and Collaborative Exchange.

The replacement of “B” with “C” in Globalization is what will make this term a differentiator in the future; starting Now. That C is the Creator of Value.

First Value must be configured at an Enterprise Level before it can be derived at a Business Level

We need to rewire the way the Global Trade and Commerce have evolved. There can be no doubt that the New Era is a Human Ecosystem driven one leading the Financial Ecosystem. Flipping the Structures, Synergies and Systems of to this Current Point of Arrival (POA). Transforming the Industrializing to Personalizing.

The term Glocalization should be understood as being “Globally Local”. Digital Technology is what can make it happen with computing in real time across Customer, Industry and Life Ecosystems Connecting People Glocally. The key to succeeding in global commerce is the development of Intellectual Property (IP) that can be commercialized anywhere in the world with Risk Assured Process across Conceptualization, Engineering, Industrialization / Personalization and Commercialization.

It is not enough to just pay lip service to terms like Human Centric Design & Innovation. This is where the trouble begins. One continues to keep a trade centric narrative that has not evolved to the relevance of the modern society in the last 50 years despite the proliferation of the Internet and yet the narrative has shifted to questioning globalization.

Unless the Product Centricity is shifted to Life Centricity, the gatekeepers of globalization with their political agenda will never yield their Power to the majority of humans on the planet.

It is the political will and despondency that comes in the way of the recognition of the sovereignty of Ukraine by Russia, the US — China Trade or the India & Pakistan Bilateral Exchange.

The common people everywhere are willing and rearing to cooperate and collaborate to create progress. Digitally, this is a possibility when the Power Structure controlled by the current bastions of Power shifts democratically to a majority with Access and Autonomy.

There is no part of the world that is self sufficient in Talent, Materials, Resources, Energy and Infrastructure and there is an urgent need to renew data about each of them to Transform, Innovate and succeed in creating a more Sustainable Planet.

Glocalization must be understood at three levels of creating a Scaling Ecosystem:

  1. Human Ecosystem: A Role based Identity that operates across processes as Client, Team Member, Stakeholder, Shareholder, Business Partner, Vendor, Society and Technology owned by the Human.

  2. Industry Ecosystem: A Cognitive Fusion of Data, Talent, Materials/Resources/Energy, Financial Capital at the sweet spot of Value, Intellectual and Human Capital and Infrastructure that is Intelligent provisioning Data Autonomy, and Secure Networking with Unified Communications.

  3. Life Ecosystem: Visualizing and Enabling growth of Life across Environment, Health, Wealth, Education, Mobility, Technology and Governance.

Innovation will be the great equalizer for global connectivity

Addressing “Human Aspirations” is Key to seeing the scaling of the above three ecosystems. Where Aspirations is the expression of the greater good of the planet and not the narrow definition of a Dream to just make Personal Advancement or Ambition.

The process of connecting, collaborating and converging globally had been set when data started moving at 20X the Speed and Volume of Humans and Goods. And this is an irreversible process.

The next step in its evolution is a human to human connect anywhere and anytime across the planet. Such a connect when contextualized with the right Subject, Theme, Topic and Value will Intelligently allow Trade & Commerce to flourish not in the known structures of B2C and B2B but rather a Customer & Consumer Driven Global Commerce that makes Business Entities to be what they are; the Logistics Providers for Goods and Services. And that is the transformation that enterprises need to be prepared for.

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