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Single Point of Failure (SPOF)

What Connectedness can do for the Planet?

A Medical Miracle

A young man 24 years of age one day met with a very serious motor accident. But he was lucky. All the resources such as an air ambulance, the best medical facility and the best surgeons came to play and after an 8 hour long surgery his life was saved. This young man went on to survive that gruesome night and later found love, got married and has settled into a very beautiful life. Nine years after that fateful night, he suddenly collapsed at work one day. He was rushed to the hospital and after several hours of Investigation and Diagnostics, it came to light that during the major surgery that was performed when he met with an accident 9 years ago, his spleen had been removed and he had to be injected a vaccine. And this was missed out and it showed up as a fatal cause almost killing him after 9 years. Several hundred thousand dollars were invested in the surgery post the fatal accident. The cost of the vaccine was just two dollars. And all that investment could have gone down the drain and most importantly a Valuable Life lost for a very insignificant lapse on the part of a medical team that had almost accomplished a miracle.

In a situation like this, most of the time all the credit goes to the surgeons who have performed the surgery. Very little attention is paid to the entire crew and infrastructure that plays a critical role; for both good and bad reasons. And in this case, a very small case of negligence by a nurse went unnoticed and almost turned fatal several years later.

Boeing 737 — Max

The Boeing 737 — Max was built in response to competition from Airbus’ A320Neo family line of Aircraft. Nearly $4 Billion was invested in making a very sophisticated aircraft and each plane cost approximately $100 Million. The aircraft suffered a recurring engineering failure in the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), causing two fatal crashes, Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, in which 346 people died in total. It was subsequently grounded worldwide from March 2019 to November 2020. The MCAS is a software that was introduced compensate Engineering Failure with just a few hundred thousand dollars investment was approved by FAA. The Pilots were allegedly provided little or no training and the manuals were not helpful during emergencies as evidenced post investigation of the two crashes. Boeing has suffered more than $20 Billion in losses owing to the planes being grounded since the second crash.

The MCAS Software was introduced because Boeing would have lost orders to competition if it had to fix it engineering errors that had not been envisioned upfront. And yet, it brought down a reputed Aerospace giant to its knees way beyond what lost competition could impact.

The Flow of Work

In an increasingly complex world of work when digital is stepping to bridge the physical and virtual divide, the Flow of Work in every sphere of life becomes critical. Because there is a need to see the Unison of Data, Talent, Materials, Capital and Infrastructure fused with Cognitive Intelligence. Where the Stage Gated Processes look for dynamically changing the processes for multiple conditions and contexts. This goes beyond the imagined uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models.

Financial Times published a Special Report The World 2023 citing the rise of ugly acronyms in the World Economy such as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguity (VUCA) and Single Point of Failure (SPOF) wondering how should one respond to these?

The answer is fairly simple. The Corporate World has to simply renew its understanding of Life, Industry and Customer. Each and every life stream has a unique Flow of Work but the same People playing different roles in their lives. The needle needs to shift from Standards to Uniformity with People at the Center of those three layers of ecosystem as the following illustration demonstrates.

The Human Ecosystem extending from Customer Universe to Industry and Life Ecosystem

Transporting Intellectual Property (IP)

Rather than duct taping legacy systems, there is a need for both Incumbent Industry and Institutions as well as Startups to renew the Structures (Relationships), Synergies (Glocal Culture) and Systems (Digital) that is completely different from anything we have used so far.

Giggr Technologies is building a Stage Gated and Risk Assured Platform that can transport IP not just created within the Corporate Labs of those that have deep pockets but also startups and entrepreneurs from the ground up. The key is to start focusing on the Pursuit of Excellence that allows people to collaborate and share with Trust; breaking the shackles of Monopoly. This is not going to manifest overnight into a revolution but one life sphere at a time is sure to accelerate the movement with demonstrated success. The key here is to facilitate people understand how to get out of their own way of progress.

Both the above stories featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s lecture at Brian Bar in November 2022; What World Awaits GenZ? Well I would like to add to it that it is critical we prepare GenA also to the emerging New Era. With the clear understanding that every single station of life in the above illustration faces an existential danger and needs action on the ground starting NOW.
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