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The Third Stop is Work Orchestration in the Journey of the Future of Work

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra

We have so far covered the First Stop being Talent Transformation and the second stop being Work Packaging. This is the third in the Quartet of Stages in the Future of Work.

An orchestra harmonises the melodies emerging from different instruments that contribute to a musical piece or composition creating an aural experience of an emotion that the original composer intended. The original composer may have written the piece with a certain flight of imagination but it is the orchestrator who embellishes it every single time an orchestra performs. Bringing in nuances and interpretations that improve the original composition without disengaging its core.

The above description of orchestra music is a great example of the fusion of People & Technology. In this case, it is the technology of music.

Work & Operation

Work operates efficiently when the planning is dynamic. As we saw in the previous edition, a Work Package which is actually a Work Plan, takes five elements into consideration:

  1. Data: Defined in terms of Inputs, Outputs, the Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) that acts as the Controls and the Mechanisms / Resources such as the Structure, Systems and Synergies that go into the execution.

  2. Capabilities: The Capacity to Transform + The abilities of the Talent to Perform.

  3. Money / Resources: The Working Capital required to execute and keep the ecosystem engaged.

  4. Materials: The raw materials in case of products that go into a process and get converted into a consumable.

  5. Infrastructure: The Plant & Machinery that operate to convert the Raw to Finished Consumable Products.

An operation is efficient when each of the above that forms a Work Package that gets in for execution is adaptable to the NEW with minimum dysfunction to the status quo. Executing this with efficiency is what accomplishes the Goals of Time to Market that retains incumbent customers satisfactorily and increases the width with additional customers.

Value of Operations

The Value of Operations can be measured in the five dimensions in the Context of the Customer / Consumer Life Cycle:

  1. Quality: The Aspirational / Lifetime Value of getting it right the first time, everytime.

  2. Cost: The Economic value in the Customer’s / Consumer’s.

  3. Delivery: The Functional Value of Time / Urgency (Needs, Wants, Expectations) fulfilled.

  4. Service: The Value of Emotional Connect / Empathy as a Brand.

  5. Flexibility: The Symbolic Value of Distribution& Reach that is Personalized and Preferentiated.

The Symphony of Work Orchestration must measurably deliver to the above five Value Parameters mutually inclusively; without compromise. The challenge of The Future of Work that is decentralized and distributed must leverage the accuracy of Work Packaging in executing a flawless operation.

The Future of Work

We talk about the future of work in the context of individuals seeking more meaningful work and enterprises being able to execute in a Hybrid (Work executed from anywhere) and Glocal (Global + Local) mode. Embedded into that are the explicit expectations of Sustainability, Harmonic Working Conditions for Workers while being able to seamlessly work with the emerging challenges of a dramatically and constantly shifting:

  1. Structures: Impacted by a Global Supply Chain

  2. Synergies: Impacted by the diversity of cultures coming together to perform work.

  3. Systems: Impacted by digital that counts both people and technology as its workforce.


There are no more core and support processes. No more front end and back end. Everyone is a full stack operator. Everyone is facing everyone in an open global ecosystem. It is a 360 degree operation with no angles to hide.

Whether one likes it or not, this is the future. There is still some way to go for Adoption, Operation and Maturity. But this is a dynamically building into a crescendo and the ones who lead this will be comfortable in when the pace becomes exponentially hectic. One can’t just show up but rather prepare for the eventuality with respect to all the five dimensions of a Customer Context or Lifecycle.

This is the future of work we are working towards. Wishing our entire customer universe a very happy diwali. We will endeavor our very best to light up your lives.
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