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Data Driven Individuals & Life

Reversing the Enterprise Data Driven to Individual Data Driven Society


A Glocally Leading Digital Technology Enterprise; Pioneering Cognitively Intelligent Systems.

Improving the

Quality of Living

in every sphere of Life.

The image is a abstract representation of an Idea igniting a series of Innovation that improces the quality of life across 7 stations of life - Healthcare, Wealth, Education, Environment, Mobility, Technology and Governance


C4: Digitally Intelligent Platform As Service (DIPS)

  1. A sandboxed environment for Bold Experimentation and Innovation.

  2. Organizing Workforces and Workplaces to Operate and Innovate mutually inclusively.

  3. Risk Assuring the Transportation of Intellectual Property (IP) for Individuals, Industry and Institutions; from Conceptualization to Commercialization in a Continuum.

Catalyzing the Pursuit of Excellence

C1: Conceptualization

For Individuals, Industry and Institutions, this module is a Sandbox for experimentation and renewing enterprise Structure, Synergies and Systems through the Process of Design Learning that facilitates Modeling Product Market Fit (PMF), Solution Architecture with Go - To - Market (GTM) and Value Engineering Strategies.

Designing Learning

The image is a representation of the first layer of Giggr Technologies's C4 Platform: Mastering Conceptualization - The First Step in Innovation and Design Learning
The image is a representation of the 2nd stage of Giggr Technologies' C4 Platform: Engineering. The Engineering stage of C4 Platform pioneers the Engineering Stage - From Engines, Components  and connectors to Prototypes and MVPs.

C2: Engineering

Progressing Conceptualization of Solutions to the Engineering Stage to build Engines, Components and Connectors; Prototyping to Continuous Improvement.

Engine, Components, Connectors

C3: Personalization

Data Autonomy, Privacy and Security becoming increasingly important in an age of Intelligence where the Cycle of Creation to Consumption of Products and Services is based not on Massifying to Industry Efficiency but rather to the Efficacy of Personal Life Events.

Profiling, Personalization & Preferentiation

The image is a representation of the 3rd stage of Giggr Technologies' C4 Platform: Personalization. The Personalization stage of C4 Platform Elevating Profiling, Personalization & Preferentiation for Next-Level Innovation

WHY Giggr Technologies

Connecting the FLOW OF LIFE

C4: Commercialization

Value Created not only for Shareholders but for the entire ecosystem of Customers including Consumers / Clients, Employees, Stakeholders, Shareholders, Business Partners, Vendors, Society and Technology who participate in a dynamic process to serve not just Profits but also Sustainable Development with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Value Creation

Then image is a representation of the infinite nature of Commercialisation stage of Giggr's revolutionary C4 platform. This is the 4th stage - Commercialization. In this stage solutions create imapact both in terms of profits and sustainability
The image explains the connection between the 7 stations of life - Health, Wealth, Education, Mobility, Technology, Environment and Government. The Image also highllights that these stations are connected for any user. Giggr's unique Design Learning program and C4 platform helps users to reimagine solutions for life.

The Promise of Digital is Connecting the Seven Stations of Life that each of our lives on this planet passes through; every single minute of our living. Including Environment, Health, Wealth, Education, Mobility, Technology and Governance. 


Giggr Technologies Timeline



'21 - '22

Signed MOU with Govt. of Karnataka, University of Mysore, Karnataka State Football Association

'22 - '23

Working with Fortune Rated Customer on Global Workforce Strategy & Revenue Positive

'24 - '25

On the Way to Launching the Digital Platform




No events at the moment
The image establishes inteligent connection between 7 stations of life. This is an abstract representation of Giggr's C4 platform that orchrestates Workplaces & Workforces fusing intelligence in the flow of work

Work by Design,
not by Default

Rewiring to New Structures, Synergies & Systems

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